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LinkageWiz is a powerful Data Matching, De-duplication and Data Cleansing tool used by businesses, government agencies, universities and other organizations in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and France. It makes it easy to link records across multiple databases and to identify duplicate records.

  • Powerful Probabilistic Data Matching algorithms are used, using common identifiers such as name, date of birth, sex, address, SSN, business name and many others.

  • An industry leading data cleaning & list management module assists with the identification and correction of common data quality issues.

  • Data can be imported from a wide range of desktop and corporate database systems.

  • LinkageWiz is intuitive and does not require a high level of expertise to operate. As a fully standalone product it does not require the use of a separate program such as SAS or Microsoft Access.

  • Download your free trial version today! LinkageWiz is now free for use with data sets containing up to 2,000 records.

  • LinkageWiz is increasingly being used by international medical and social researchers; a number of research papers have already been published.

  • Priced from only $199.

  • Email us today for an unrestricted 30 day trial.

An evaluation by the Centre for Data Linkage ranked LinkageWiz highly for matching accuracy and functionality in a comparison with market-leading data matching programs.

LinkageWiz Data Matching Software

"LinkageWiz is a user friendly, versatile and cost effective solution to record linking. It is a standalone tool without awkward or complex dependencies with a good and functional user interface. The learning curve is minimal without sacrificing functionality or performance -- certainly it met the stringent needs of our Department. On top of this superlative performance, the user support is just remarkable - I cannot recommend this software enough. Way to go!"

Nathalie Saint-Jacques, Epidemiologist, Surveillance and Epidemiology Unit
Cancer Care Nova Scotia

Why do I need to use Data Matching Software?

Can't I just match on first name, family name and address? Sure, if you are happy with finding only 70% of possible matches then you may not need data matching software. However you are unlikely to detect cases where there have been spelling mistakes, nicknames or aliases have been used, dates of birth have been estimated or where the family name has changed through marriage etc.

Data matching software will enable the detection of up to 99% or higher of all potential matches. For business this can represent considerable extra potential revenue or cost savings, increased fraud detection and, for medical research can mean the difference between a successful research project and one that failed to report any significant findings.

LinkageWiz is fast, user friendly and represents outstanding value as it bundles many of the features provided by many other separate products into a single stand-alone package:

  • Data Matching Software

  • Merge/ Purge Software

  • Deduplication Software or Dedupe Software

  • List Management Software

  • Data Cleansing Software

  • Address Standardization

  • Sophisticated Clerical Review

Unlike many competitors' products, Linkage Wiz  can process files containing up to 4-5 million records (other products have a limit of 500,000 to 1 million records).

It also features industry-best probabilistic record linkage algorithms and a fully featured multi-user Clerical Review module that is used by a number of cancer registries and national data matching  organizations.


LinkageWiz will pay for itself many times over through a reduction in:

  • Customer dissatisfaction

  • Data reconciliation time

  • Duplication of medical tests

  • Lost revenue

  • Mailing costs

  • Missed sales opportunities

  • Reporting anomalies

  • Adverse health outcomes

LinkageWiz Demonstrations

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  Identification of Duplicate Records

  Data Matching Demonstration

  Identification of duplicate company records

  Data Analysis

  Data Cleansing

  Email Cleaning & Analysis

  More Demonstrations...

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"Poor quality data and inadequate search practices often result in databases that contain duplicate records for the same client, often with only minor spelling differences between the different records.

Who has never received multiple letters from the same organization?"

According to the California HealthCare Foundation, LinkageWiz is one of the best patient data matching programs on the market:

"For the price, these tools provide excellent ease of use, configurability of matching weights, ability to edit and export results, and user documentation. LinkageWiz is somewhat easier to learn.". "Patient Data-Matching Software: A Buyer's Guide for the Budget Conscious".

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