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Data cleanliness - a pressing issue for trusts


Symposium on Health Data Linkage: Its value for Australian health policy development and policy relevant research: Proceedings

Research use of linked health data – a best practice protocol. C.W. Kelman and A.J. Bass, Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra, C.D.J. Holman, Centre for Health Services Research, Department of Public Health, The University of Western Australia


Making the case for Data Matching- examples of positive outcomes from WA - Dr John Bass, University of Western Australia

Data Matching - problems with names - Dr Adrian Esterman, Flinders Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Comparison of Data Linkage Software  - Dr Adrian Esterman, Flinders Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

The Central Cancer Registry - Dr Wayne Clapton, South Australian Department of Health

A taste of linkage - A overview of how data linkage works

Benefits of data linkage - Looks at the social, scientific, privacy, economic and future benefits of data linkage.

Beyond linkage:Using linked data for policy-relevant research - Data linkage in New South Wales

Centre for Health Record Linkage - Data linkage in New South Wales

Data Linkage WA - Data Linkage in Western Australia

National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy - Data Linkage in Australia

SA Data Linkage Consortium Stakeholders Seminar - The presentation for SA Data Linkage Consortium Stakeholders Seminar

The Lonely Planet Guide for Data Linkage - Data Linkage in Western Australia

The South Australian Data Linkage System - Data Linkage in South Australia

Research Studies using LinkageWiz

A data-matching study of the role of fatigue in work-related crashes

A new hospital service for pregnant women with a suspected fetal abnormality - What are the outcomes 1999–2004?

Child Sexual Abuse

Clients in Common Project

Data linkage to estimate resource and service utilisation for palliative
care clients,com_sobi2/sobi2Task,sobi2Details/catid,0/sobi2Id,46/Itemid,44/

Estimating the incidence of hospitalized injurious falls: impact of varying case definitions

Foster Care Placement

Performance Analysis of a Medical Decision Algorithm to Mitigate Spread of SARS Due to Interfacility Patient Transfers

Work-related traffic crashes


Even more research studies using LinkageWiz...

Useful Links

California HealthCare Foundation

Independent research, analysis and news on issues affecting health care delivery and financing from the California HealthCare Foundation.

Data Quality Pro Data Quality Pro is your free expert resource providing data quality articles, webinars, forums and tutorials from the world's leading experts, every day

Eraser Software

Free software which removes sensitive data from hard disks by securely overwriting the data.


HealthWiz is a national social health database which enables public access to health and other social and demographic data.

NHS Information Quality Assurance Programme The Information Quality Assurance Programme (IQAP) was established by NHS National Programme for IT to ensure that guidance documents are issued to advise the NHS and Local Service Providers of the data quality related standards necessary for the NHS Care Records Service

Public Health Evaluation Unit

A Social Health Atlas of Australia (2nd Edition).

Record Linkage Overview A useful overview of Record Linkage from Wikipedia including naming conventions, methods and history.
SA NT DataLink SA·NT DataLink provides a high quality data linkage service to support research, policy development, service planning and evaluation.
Western Australian Data Linkage Unit

The Data Linkage Branch at the Department of Health collaborates with the Centre for Health Services Research at the University of Western Australia, the Division of Health Sciences at Curtin University of Technology, and the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research to provide information for valuable medical and population health research.

The unit was established in 1995 to develop and maintain a system of linkages connecting data about health events for individuals in WA. The unit manages the Western Australian Data Linkage System which links the WA's core population health data sets. Operations depend on access to personal identifying information derived from each of the contributing data sources, but the actual health details are stored and managed separately by delegated data custodians. These linkages are created and maintained using rigorous, internationally accepted privacy preserving protocols, probabilistic matching and extensive clerical review. Health data can be requested for ethically approved research, planning and evaluation projects which aim to improve the health of Western Australians.

British Columbia Linked Health Database CHSPR has a proud history as a partner in the development of the BC Linked Health Database (BCLHD), known as one of the world’s largest collections of health care and population health data.
Centre for Health Record Linkage (NSW Australia)

The Centre for Health Record Linkage (CheReL) was established in 2006 to create and maintain a record linkage system for health and human services in NSW and the ACT.

International Health Data Linkage Network
The aims of the International Health Data Linkage network are:
  • To establish and maintain an effective and useful network of health data linkage centres
  • To foster collaboration and exchange programs between data linkage centres
  • To produce a compendium of measurements based on linkage of health data across Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom
  • To record the outputs from health data linkage activities and programs across the globe
PHRN Centre - About Data Linkage

Building data linkage infrastructure for Australia

Scottish Medical Record Linkage System

Scotland has some of the best health service data in the world. Few other countries have information which combines high quality data, consistency, national coverage and the ability to link data to allow patient based analysis and follow up. Information Services Division (ISD) is Scotland's national organisation for health information, statistics and IT services.